Beam Philosophy

Why would anyone name a camp Beam?

When I was 12 years old I went to a summer camp in Pine Grove, PA called Lighthouse. Twenty years ago when starting a summer camp was just my daydream, I picked the name Beam because it was what came from a lighthouse.

As Danny and I (Beam Management) got serious about figuring out what our camp would really be, we kept bumping into the word Beam in wonderful and unanticipated ways.

“Everyone should build together,” we’d say. Hey, beams are used to support structures!
“Everyone should teach each other,” we’d say. Hey, beams are used to guide you on a path!
“Everyone should bring a smile to each other’s faces,” we’d say. Hey, beaming is how you share your joy!

I know it sounds like I’m making that up, but it’s true. Sometimes things happen that way. You begin a journey with a destination in mind and along the way you discover that the destination you picked was perfect for a whole bunch of different and more glorious reasons than you could have imagined at the start.

Why start a camp?

Danny and I (Beam Management ) share a mission to provide children with exciting experiences in creative problem-solving through working with their hands and actively working with others. We also share a passion for summer camp fun and learning that is grounded in our own childhood and family experience.

We believe that the challenges that lie ahead for all of us require comfort with change, aptitude for adaptability, sensitivity to resource management and fluency for collaboration with a diverse group of people. We believe that children can best learn to address these challenges by engaging with adults, theĀ Beam Guides who make a life and living from pursuits that require invention, design, planning and production: artists, architects, engineers, craftspeople, teachers, designers, chefs, musicians. We believe that children are at their boldest and most receptive to exploring and enjoying activities relating to these challenges in a beautiful, outdoor, community setting.

What’s with those 7 words?

Early on in the process of developing Beam, Danny and I came up with a list of words or concepts that we wanted to have present everywhere at camp at all times; in the bunks, the dining hall, the Domains , the Project, everywhere. If at the end of every day at Beam, we figured, campers and staff can say that they’ve participated in an activity that embodies all of the words, we’ll know they’re getting the optimal Beam experience.

I guess you could say our big goal is to have Beamers take these words home with them to make them part of everything they do; with family and friends, at school, work, and play.