Beam Guides

The Beam Staff are the teachers, builders and brighteners who work and play alongside campers providing a safe and enriching camp experience. All the Guides are people over the age of 20 who make a life and living from pursuits involving invention, design, planning and production: artists, architects, engineers, craftspeople, teachers, designers, chefs, scientists and musicians.

Beam Guides come in three flavors:
Two Bunk Counselors live in each camper cabin. In addition to helping the campers to build a sense of home and camaraderie in the bunks, the Bunk Guides act as Project and Domain Leaders. We are proud to have Bunk Counselors who are alumni or current students at some of the country’s most important institutions of design and innovation, including Carnegie Mellon, Pratt, Cooper Union, Harvard, Brown, and NYU.
A group of non-bunk staff who coordinate all camp activities, as well as coordinating staff members, to ensure all campers are supervised.
Each week of camp a different individual or group of visiting artists joins us to share their unique practice. Previous guest domains include: electronic art with Reid Bingham; an original historical drama with Greg Kotis; superhero creation with Marissa Falco; mystery box building with Zoe McCloskey; professional audio engineering with Don Fierro; Rube Goldberg machine building with Joseph Herscher; and exploring the world of mechanical dioramas with Beam life-time achievement award winner Gerbo.