Beam Domains

Every week, each camper chooses to explore a new Domain, in-depth, hands-on, discovery activities in the arts, sciences, cultural, athletic or cultural fields. They work closely with a Beam Counselor or visiting genius to explore disciplines, techniques or projects in smaller groups. Each Domain pursues learning, making and experimenting with personal goals and products in mind, rather than a single gigantic one. Domains are held each afternoon (except Sunday). Every Sunday we hold a Domain Fair, where, following colorful presentations from the Counselors and domain guests, Campers choose Domains for that week. Each Saturday evening, Campers share their Domain work for the week in the form of exhibits, performances and video presentations.

Domains cover as wide a territory as you can imagine. We’ve made short movies, built a catapult, launched hot air balloons, built wilderness shelters, developed circuitry, made Oreos and Doritos from scratch, studied kung fu and built traditional Balinese gamelan instruments, fashioned costumes to go along with famous fairy tales, built rowboats from branches and tarps, performed in improv noise bands, built solar cookers and cooked dinner in them, knitted bags, produced plays we wrote, built solar powered boom-boxes… you name it, we do it, and we show kids how to.

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Domains 2012 – Session 1
Launch Album
Extended Play, Picture Day, Tallman of New Hampshire and Video Chant (Domain Guest: Bryan Daly), You Can Cyan! and Atari Punk Console (Domain Guest: Reid Bingham), I Carry You and You Are The Drawing (Domain Guest: Kristen Tordella-Williams), Bathroom, Knitting, Clay Oven Building, Campfire, Yoga Flow, 3 Headed Beasts in A Box, Casting Spells, Mandala, 10 Plays in 10 Seconds and Tiny Spirit Plays (Domain Guest: Rachelle Anthes), Long Distance Swimming, Advanced Swimming, Frog Fan Club and Composting (Domain Guests: Holly Halvarson), Correspondence Society, Project Maniacs, Mythic Eggsplorations and Moss Party (Domain Guest: Leslie Henkel), Get Away with Stencils, Put On A Show Like A Pro! (Domain Guest: Don Ferrio), Nonathon, Beamopoly, Painterly Pieces, Rewrite It That Way: Song Parodies, Emerging From The Underground and Boogie with the Beam Bboys and Bgirls (Domain Guest: Halley Gerstel), Drawing In Quantity and Cooking Basics (Domain Guest: Jesse Kreuzer), Tree Party, Bound, In Synch, Making Stuff Beep and Robots (Domain Guest: Bill Hunt)
Domains 2012 – Session 2
Launch Album
The Views Are Better Up Here: Stilts! and Seeds, Paper, Scissors (Domain Guests: Jean Loscalzo, Suzanne Roe), Yes And…Improv and The Battle of Lake Champlain (Domain Guest: Greg Kotis), Making Things Beep and Robots (Domain Guest: Bill Hunt), Long Distance Swimming, Little Creature Appreciation Society, Aquathon and Duathlon (Domain Guests: Holly Halvarson), Positive Affirmation, Pets, In The Beginning, Bed and Wall of Sound (Domain Guest: Allen Riley), Knitting, Project Maniacs, Writing With Words, Powder Monkey Propmasters, It’s A Map!, Hold It Right There, Bacteria, Stencils, Mail Call and Create Your Own Superhero (Domain Guest: Marissa Falco), Futbol and Future Primitives (Domain Guest: Mike Ming), Blindfold Mystery Radio Theater and The Art Of Persuasion (Domain Guest: Natalie Jablonski), Chain Mail Jewelry, Uncanny Mechanical Dioramas (Domain Guest: Steve Gerberich), Big Wooden Jack Knife (Domain Guest: Nathaniel Lieb, Rule One, Pod Squad, Write On, Society of Alternative Anthropology, Artskool, Tea, Even A Potter Oughta Try and Hanging Gardens (Domain Guest: Eli Liebman), Rube Goldberg I and Rube Goldberg II (Domain Guest: Joseph Herscher), Skyhook Fisherman and Double Decker Balancing Spinner (Domain Guest: Brett van Aalsburg), Reality Tech, Everyone Wing Chung Tonight, Shot In The Dark, Painting From Scratch, Beam New Corp, Excavating Pompeii and Unsuspecting Secret Boxes (Domain Guest: Zoe McCloskey
Domains 2011 – Session 1
Launch Album
Wild Permaculture (Domain Guest: Daniel Lewis), Creating a Vortex, Tap Anywhere and Sock Creatures (Domain Guest: Annie Peacenik), Punching In, Knitting, Guru, Bread Making, Dungeon Exploration and Dungeon Exploration in Space (Domain Guest: Fran Agnone), Secret Message System (Domain Guests: Ed Bear and Lea Bertucci), Quetzalcoatl Rod Puppets, and Mayan Full Body Puppets (Domain Guest: Amber Marsh), Gravity Racers (Domain Guest: Steve Gerberich), Turn the Hog Loose, Experimental Mapping, Spooky Action, Globster, 1-5-6-4: Song Making, Atlantis (Domain Guest: Sophie Blackall), Knock Down Furniture (Domain Guest: Ryan Legassicke), Wet Felting and Sewing Essentials (Domain Guest: Kate Busby), Camera Obscura, This Is What Happened To Me…, Mural Thing, Long Distance Swimming (Domain Guest: Holly Halvarson), The Sound of Stuff
Domains 2011 – Session 2
Launch Album
Wind Up Cars (Domain Guest: Eun Jung Park), La Revolucion Screenprinting, Ceramic Miniature City, Near Speechless Nature Observation Drawing, Duathlon Training & Lifestyle (Domain Guest: Emily Wilson), Aviator Airball Knockout! (Domain Guest: Zachary Weindel), Organic vs Mechanic Puppet Making (Domain Guest: Jonny Clockworks), Explorers Club: Discovering Distances & Optics and Explorers Club: Created Creatures (Domain Guest: Heather Kramer), Night Conversion, Mythblasters, The Blob (Behind the Scenes), Boating Adventures, Bookbinding and All of Your Beeswax (Domain Guest: Julie Schneider), Lore of the Sea and Zinemaking (Domain Guest: Moe Bowstern), Project Maniacs, Tower of Faces, Stained Glass, The Blob (the Scene), Experimental Miniature Golf, Recycled Movement, Superhero Parade, Oven Building, DIY: Making of a Band, Chain Mail Jewelry, Radio Station 101, Bag Construction, Welding, Song Installations
Domains 2010
Launch Album
Underground Economy (Guests Caroline Woollard & Colin McMullan, Beast Feast, Cryptozoology, Earthworks, Idea to Artwork, Towel (Guests Brooklyn Aerodrome), Flappet Tree (Guest Steve Gerberich), Knitting, Green Roof (Guests Katy Foley & George Harvey), Sound Monsters (Guests Susan Ngo, Mike Cohen, Zevensuy Rodriguez), Tarpitecture, Synchronized Swimming, Land Filter, Layers Collage, Rites of Passage, UFO (Guest Raphael Lyon), Demo Time, Drawing, Bunraku Puppets (Guests Piehole), Taiko Drumming, Long Distance Swimming, Art of Folding, Complaining Chorus, De Stijl Box, Looming and Weaving, Art of Folding
Domains 2009
Launch Album
Clay Pots and Kiln Building, Stars Stars Stars, Salsa Dancing, Snacks from Scratch, Adventure Distance Swimming, Giant, Vague Comic, Latches, Hinges, and Pulleys, BeamBlog, Tarp Boats, Theater, Nation Building, Entrepreneurial Crafts, Hiking, Moldy Movie, Landscaping, Island & Tipi Making, Body Dance Control, Kungfu Gamelan, Live Action Comics, 100 10 second stories, Beginning-Intermediate Knitting, Egyptian Sarcophogi, Kite & Paper Airplane Making, Electronics, Solar Bots, Bioilluminators, Astronomy, Beginners Knitting, World Culture Studies, Soft Circuits, Imaginary Tapestry, Brussel Sprouts, Pinatas
Domains 2008
Launch Album
Photo Reenactment, Sporting Life, Yeti Movie, Loops & Feedback, Samba Band, Boating, Life Drawing, Stealth Cam, Ultimate Frisbee, Felting, Pastry, Sandwiches, Shadows of the North, Pillow Making, Weaving, Operation Starlight, Solar Cooking, Trash to Treasure, Long Distance Swimming, Solar Balloons, Altered books, Gnome Housing, Project Domain, Shenanigans, Repairo, Places, Flag Making, Happy Trails, Improv, Warmth, Journal Making
Domains 2007
Launch Album
Knitting, Birding, Hiking, Knot Tying, Shelter building, Discover India, Discover German, Monster Dolls, Superhero Creation, Comics Writing, Zine, Solar Cooking, Beam TV, Beam Blog, Life Drawing Patterns in Nature, Instrument Making, Soundpainting, Found Sound Electrified, Found Materials Sculpture, Perfect Toy, Catapult, Polariod photo essay, Cyanotypes, Fairy Tales & Fashion, Barbarian Movie, Drawing, Quilting, Triathalon, Conflatable Inflatable, Gravity Racers, Pickles and Brisket, Poetry, Bag Making, Ice Cream Making, Carnival Game Construction, Video Editing, Yoga, Boxing, Snerko, World Records, Iconic Posters, Archery, Gnome Housing Development, Sporting Life, Guerrilla Art, Fly Fishing
Domains 2006
Launch Album
Digital photography, Mushrooming, Photoshop, Knitting, Gnome housing development, Pilates, Barn stormers