Camper Life
Beam Campers travel through their day in a variation of social groupings. Cabin groups are comprised of no more than 12 boys or girls of the same age and two counselors. After breakfast and bunk cleanup, campers assemble in their Waves to get ready to work on the Project. Waves are groups of no more than nine campers of mixed ages and genders. For the afternoon Domains, campers are in groups of shared interest, of mixed ages and genders, based on their selection at Sunday’s Domain Fair. All campers have an option to swim or participate in an athletic activity each day.

Beam Juniors are campers between seven and nine years old. The Juniors are integrated with the older camper in most camp activities except for the second half of Project Period in the morning and for an earlier bedtime in the evening.


8am: Breakfast
8:45am: Cabin Maintainance
9am: Project Period 1
10:15am: Snack
10:30am: Project Period 2
12:30pm: Lunch
– – – – – – –
1pm: Rest & Reading
2pm: Domain Period 1
3:15pm: Snack
3:25pm: Pulse (Swim, Hike, Sports)
4:20pm: Domain Period 2
5:35pm: 535 Clubs
6:30 Dinner
7:20pm: After Dinner Activity
8:45pm: Junior Campers to Cabins
9:30pm All Campers to Cabins


Beam’s 1:4 staff to camper ratio makes it possible for all campers to be supervised at all times. All activities begin with a thorough discussion of safety precautions and procedures. Protective eyewear and clothing is required when working with hand-tools. All campers wishing to swim in the lake are required to pass a swim test. All waterfront and lake activities are supervised by Red Cross certified lifeguards.


We have a full-time staff nurse with us at camp. Frisbie Memorial Hospital and Barrington Urgent Care, fully-equipped and Emergency-ready facilities are within twenty minutes of camp.


Beam meals (both vegetarian and omnivorian) prepared by our staff Chef are varied, tasty, nutritious and balanced. We will purchase local, organic products whenever practical.