Camper Village
The newly-constructed Beam Camper Village consists of 9 wood-framed cabins (our ninth was built by our Senior Campers in 2010) and a large shower/toilet facility. We are extremely grateful to Standard Architects (Brooklyn, NY) and Buildwise Innovations (Northwood, NH) for the care, creativity and hard-work that went into the construction of all the new and renovated Beam facilities. This coming fall/spring we will be building two new cabins to accommodate the growing camper population.

The cabins include built-in bunks and individual storage. Each cabin houses two counselors and no more than Thirteen campers. Each camper is allowed four shelves for clothing and other personal belongings.

The shower/toilet building is located within 40 feet of each cabin grouping and includes separate boys and girls areas, each with 8 toilets, 8 showers and 7 sinks.

The Beam Camper Village was constructed according to ADA Accessible Design standards.