Bug Doc

Something beautiful made by Oscar and Noah.

Picture Day, a Beam Camp Domain

Each participant was subject of three or four portrait photographs. Over the course of each working day, the participants created decorations and machines to create an elaborate mechanism for a simple photograph. The final outcome is individual portraits of the participants in engaging photos. Domain led by Bryan Daly[youtube][/youtube]

Positive Affirmation, a video made by kids at Beam Camp

Campers learned to keep a straight face and to perform long, continuous takes of positive affirmations.  Working in an outdoor live video studio next to Little Willey pond, campers learned to edit video in real-time using analog TV cameras.  Domain led by Allen Riley.[youtube][/youtube]

Pets, a video made by kids at Beam Camp

Campers worked in small groups to create puppets of imaginary pets and vividly imagined what it would be like to own them. After a discussion of the real pets in our lives, the groups drew up plans for their imaginary pets and wrote down key details about their behavior and needs. They ripped up stuffed animals and rebuilt them using burlap and liquid latex to form new creatures and made these videos. Domain led by Allen Riley.[youtube][/youtube]

Reality Tech

Russell, Sammie and Sophie test out the features list of BEAM CAMP. Domain led by Jeff Sisson.[youtube][/youtube]

The Battle of Lake Champlain

A play written by Greg Kotis and performed by Beam Camp campers.

Battle of Lake Champlain from Beam Camp on Vimeo.


Looking for the the real thrill of victory and agony of defeat. You can find it at Beam Camp. A Domain led by Julia Sisson.[youtube][/youtube]

In The Beginning

A movie about the beginning of time made by two separate groups of campers led by Allen Riley. One group filmed scenes depicting made-up cosmic events while the other filmed improvised narrations and edited the first group’s footage in real-time in the Provisional Building, our rustic effects shop and analog video studio.[youtube][/youtube]


Campers were asked to imagine what it would be like if they just lived on a blanket in the woods… for a long time.  Domain led by Allen Riley.  Camera by India.  Thanks to Eric Kofer and Ayun Halliday.[youtube][/youtube]

Turn The Hog Loose

This is the ending of the two-hour videotape “Turn the Hog Loose” made in Allen Riley’s domain. Made with Dan Barker and Ayun Halliday.[youtube][/youtube]

The Blob

Silent movie about a lonely and confused Blob. One group of campers wrote it, another group of junior campers filmed it. From a domain led by Allen Riley.

Why Block A Path

They made it up as they went along. Made with Allen Riley and Tom Bubul.[youtube][/youtube]

Night Conversions

Videos performed and edited live by campers at Beam Camp 2011 from a domain led by Allen Riley and Andrew Francis.

The Video of the Stories of Machines that Never Flew

This summer’s first session culminated in a spectacular aerial installation. Project Masters James Wignall and Bradley Moore spent three long, hard days climbing tree, risking life and limb to install six zip lines. Like most anything worth doing, we didn’t know if our non-flying Flying Machines would make it through. See for yourself that they came through with flying colors.

Beam Does Beckett

Performed by campers of BEAM Camp (, helmed by counselor Alec Duffy.[youtube][/youtube]

2010 Beam Project: A Trip to the Sun

For 2010’s Beam Project, Visual Artist Daniela Kostova and Filmmaker Mike DeSeve proposed a solar-powered, blue-screen based movie production that reimagined George Melies’s 1902 silent classic, A Trip To The Moon. In Beam’s A Trip To The Sun, Industrialist Moretrust Wellman needs the help of Kristin, a twelve year-old blind girl, to achieve his monopolistic vision for harnessing the sun’s power. But Wellman soon finds out that Kristin has a vision all her own.

A Trip To The Sun was made by Beam Camp’s 95 campers and 25 staff, who shot the film on a 40-foot blue screen stage of their construction, using only the sun for lighting and solar energy to power the cameras.

Scissor: The Making of the 2010 Beam Project


Beast Feast

One of our 2010 Mega-Domains. Please write for recipes.

Helio Beats Video

An incredible video made by cabin Heliocentrics and their friends.

The Shadow Movie

The opportunity to play with an enormous circular blue screen stage in the middle of the woods doesn’t come along very often. We’re happy to report that the Staff and Campers of Beam took advantage of the opportunity. While the 2010 Beam Project, A Trip To The Sun, was in its final stages of production (or the crunch phase as we called it at camp), The Shadow Movie was created. Take a look.