Kind Words About Beam

…From parents

“A truly amazing summer and about the best first sleep away camp experience any parent could ever hope for.”

“…a very special time for them, learning, growing. The coming year can’t go fast enough for both of them.”

“The best summer of their lives, yet again.”

“They both seem more confident and comfortable in their skins.”

“…something she will talk about and treasure all her life.”

“Not only does he come back to me from Beam brimming over with confidence and fun, he always also comes with these intangibles. He comes back to me kinder, more empathetic, more curious, more caring, more exploratory.”

“Beam felt like home. Now it is up to me to make home feel like Beam.”

“They regaled us with stories from this summer all the way home yesterday and I know there are many more to follow. It’s a special place.”

“Many, many thanks to all for another exceptional camp experience!”

“We appreciate all the work and coordination that has gone into making the camp such a fun experience for the children. We have had to remind her that there is something called school that children go to during the year before they get to go to camp again.”

“Once again you delivered back to me a transformed kid. Everyone was remarking on his confidence, his social ease, his happiness. He said we should start having Corporate Mondays.”

…From the press and around the web

January, 2012
“But it’s not juvenile delinquency. It’s Inventgenuity,” write Laurel Graeber of the New York Times. Our favorite new phrase. Read more of her phrases.

April, 2011
Matt Richardson shares our view of the benefits of making things on

March, 2011
Julie Scelfo’s remarkable article on the value of kids making things with their hands in the New York Times

January, 2010 calls Beam a “haven for makers” in this interview with Brian.

February, 2010
New York Times calls the Inventgenuity Festival “an urban Woodstock for budding young scientists, engineers, artists and dreamers. “

August, 2010
Brooklyn Aerodrome reports on their Towel Domain at Beam 2010.

January, 2010 A Child Grows in Brooklyn reports from Inventgenuity

February 2011
A local parent blogger reports from Brooklyn Inventgenuity 2011

January, 2010 calls Beam a “camp for aspiring MacGyvers.: