2014 Beam Camp Projects Announced

2014 will be Beam Camp’s tenth summer. The urge to ruminate on this milestone is powerful, but we will save backward-looking thoughts for another time. Today, our excitement comes from sharing with you the Beam Projects for 2014.

This year we received a precedent-shattering sixty-five proposals from eighteen countries. We had discovery conversations with eight semi-finalists before choosing these two ambitious and enchanting projects. And here they are.

July 2014
Project Masters: Niko Van Stichel and Lut Vandebos (Belgium)

phantascombinedwebIn a time when experience has gone digital, we will create immersive mechanical light machines in the tradition of the magic lantern. Campers and staff will build two giant kaleidoscopes, one horizontal, the other vertical, each welcoming viewers to submerge themselves in a bath of light and reflection. Their sleek design and playful light will make Forest Phantasmagoria zones between dream and reality.







August 2014
Project Masters: Mark Torrens (England) and Federico Forestiero (Italy)

creaturcombinedCreatura is a 16-foot floating vessel shaped by animal form and powered by human invention. The skeleton is made of wooden, metallic, and woven materials. The mechanisms combine the principles of Leonardo da Vinci with modern components such as recycled bike frames or the wheels of a steam train. It will glide on lake’s surface evoking our own self-built Creature of Big Willey.